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For three decades, Vortrom has been part of the sporting industry, through sponsorship of various areas of motor racing. This dynamic specialism has significant social and media impact, which sparks enormous interest in the public and has provided extraordinary recognition for the company thanks, in large part, to the success of the team.

We are moved by effort and enthusiasm
A job well done is our highest award

To achieve its aims, Vortrom selected Motor Competición as the structure that would honour its brand in the most important championships, prioritising quality and image. The results show this was a smart decision. After first contact at the Copa Renault, the next was the Campeonato de España de Clásicos, where Vortrom collaborated as official sponsor in 2000. The next season was the culmination of a job well done, with a title win.

Vortrom competes in the most highly regarded, prestigious championships.

In its eight years at the Spanish GT Championship, Vortrom has found its place with the greats. Particular highlights are the two runner-up spots at Challenge Porsche, the Ibérico Trophy at the GT and the team award for the best image and presence on the circuits. Our participation in various world series tests is also noteworthy; particularly the 24H series in Barcelona, placing in two runner-up spots and regularly on the podium.

In life, as in daily work, we must face our challenges head on; sometimes extraordinary and unique, sometimes ordinary and dull.

In Vortrom we face challenges with the same spirit and attitude of vigour, enthusiasm and sport.

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